Hamilton ON – The Great Lakes Tour (GLT) is excited to announce GolfZoogle as a new long-term presenting partner of the Tour.  The new three-year relationship is designed to allow both parties to utilize resources for combined growth within the golf industry while staying true to the collective vision of growing the game of golf across Canada.
GolfZoogle was first introduced in 2016 and offered touchscreen technology and interactive solutions to the golf industry.  Recently, the business came under a new progressive ownership and was quickly introduced to the Great Lakes Tour to assist in re-marketing the brand and image.

GolfZoogle will take GLT to another level at events.

“With our many years of experience in the digital and software field developing Smart Building Apps and Smart Parking Apps among many others, as well as our background in Security and the CCTV industry, we hope to take GolfZoogle and the industry-leading Great Lakes Tour to a whole new level.” States the new owner of GolfZoogle, Denis Condie. “Our goal is to apply the concept that will be seen at GLT events along with our touch technology and contactless solutions to help golf facilities generate additional revenue while offering an engaging experience for members and golfers.”

The relationship will focus on showcasing GolfZoogle’s progressive solutions through GLT events and utilizing networks to collectively expand brand awareness.  As part of the partnership, the GLT will receive assistance from GolfZoogle marketing and development personnel to establish upgrades in communication, live event streaming, website upgrade and app development.  The GLT will also receive on-site upgrades at events with new co-branded signage and electronic leaderboards.  The GLT staff will work alongside the GolfZoogle team to assist in developing ideas and solutions to the golf industry that will prove to be a safe and engaging experience for staff, members and customers at the facilities choosing GolfZoogle.

‘’Denis and his team come from a great background in marketing and software development.’’ States GLT President Jim Kenesky.  ‘’This partnership will be extremely important moving forward as we develop and introduce new technology that will not only enhance our events but also enhance golf course operations as we move out of a COVID-19 world.  Whether you’re a participant, a spectator or an online viewer, you’ll get to experience the cutting-edge solutions through our events that will also be available to the golf industry.’’

Communication and event signage will now be co-branded with both GLT and GolfZoogle where both logos will be visible.  GolfZoogle will become the presenting partner with official messaging as ‘’Great Lakes Tour presented by GolfZoogle’’ and this will be effective immediately.   The GLT will also become GolfZoogle’s primary contact for sales and inquiries to the Golf Industry.

‘’This relationship becomes very exciting for the GLT to not only grow and upgrade our administrative and operational sides, but also allows us the freedom to reduce membership and entry fee costs as this relationship evolves over the next 1 to 3 years and beyond.’’ Mentions Kenesky. ‘’We look forward to working with Denis Condie and his team for many years.  They understand and see our vision for Canadian professionals and elite amateurs as we see the importance of their services to the golf industry.’’

More information will be available on each website and through information campaigns as the golf season advances with much of the new features being introduced during the summer and fall events on the GLT.

To view more please visit the links below.

Denis Condie, GolfZoogle – denis@golfzoogle.ca
Jim Kenesky, GLT President – jim@kmgsgolf.com
Product Information – sales@golfzoogle.ca